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Full English text of the GDPR, including the 99 Articles and 179 explanatory paragraphs known as โ€˜recitalsโ€™:
The Data Protection Bill 2017-19 is the draft UK enactment of the Law Enforcement Data Protection Directive, defines the role of the UK Information Commissioner and also defines in UK law those items left by the GDPR to national discretion:
Full English text of the Law Enforcement Data Protection Directive (applicable to law enforcement agencies only):
Full English text of the ePrivacy Directive 2002, which governs electronic direct marketing, provision of communication systems (impacting telecommunications companies) and other electronic communications matters:
A planned update of the ePrivacy Directive to turn it into a Regulation and bring it into line with the GDPR is planned to go live in May 2018 alongside the GDPR. The latest English draft of the ePrivacy Regulation is at the link below. The European Parliament and European Council are currently debating competing amendments:
The Information Commissioner is the UK regulator responsible for overseeing compliance with the GDPR and other data protection laws:
The Article 29 Working Party is the committee of European regulators which issues interpretations of and guidance for implementation of the GDPR and related data protection laws. On the introduction of the GDPR it will be replaced by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB):
The Direct Marketing Association issues guidelines for Direct Marketing. Following the DMAโ€™s guidelines is supportive of compliance with appropriate laws:
The BBC has reported frequently on GDPR:
The IAPP certifies individuals with the requisite level of knowledge as CIPP/E, the only widely recognised certification for European Data Privacy Professionals: