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Practice Principal
Geoff Stillwell

Geoff has been providing regulatory, system and data solutions to major businesses for over 20 years. He understands what drives businesses, how the cost and risk appetite can vary and how to scale solutions to suit.

Geoff has seen what happens when companies aren’t ready for new regulations. He believes that no organisation should be exposed to arbitrary judgement by a regulator or legal attack by claims management agencies, so is passionate about preparing you for the data privacy challenges of GDPR, and along the way helping you maximise your revenues, minimise your costs and re-engineer your data for today’s business environment.

Recent consulting engagements: HSBC – GDPR; London FX/Payments FinTech – GDPR; Deutsche Bank – Senior Managers & Certification Regime; Barclays – Enterprise Data Re-engineering.

Geoff is a qualified chartered accountant, PRINCE2 Practitioner and CIPP/E certified by the IAPP, the only widely recognised GDPR certification.


Data Governance and Data Systems Architect
Clément Hugé

Clément has provided data architecture and governance solutions to many industries, such as e-commerce, financial services, telecommunication, digital marketing, social media and government agencies, over 20 years in France, the USA and the UK. Throughout this time he has worked closely with CTOs, lead architects and project managers in order to deliver scalability, high availability and secure data infrastructure.

Data has become the most important digital asset of a company, but the challenge of managing it becomes ever more difficult as new technologies, new regulations and successive agile deliveries add layers of complexity. Clément is regularly called upon to audit IT teams, set and implement data governance policies and optimised architecture, and then upskill the IT teams to maintain and sustain the deliveries. Clément believes that proper processes and urbanization are essential for IT systems to sustainably and efficiently support data protection, not only GDPR, but also PCI-DSS and SOCII. Clément is up to the challenge and can assist you in migrating your data solutions and optimising them to achieve compliance.

Recent consulting engagements: Bath Lovehoney ECommerce – Business Intelligence/PCI-DSS/HA; London FX/Payments FinTech – BI/Operations/GDPR/HA; Paris Vente-Privée/ Ecommerce – Operations/HA; Younited-Credit/Consumer loans – Back Office/HA; Columbus Ohio T-Cetra / Telecommunication – EDI/HA/BI/SOCII.


Contract Review
Caroline Cook

Caroline is a highly commercial qualified solicitor with a decade of experience advising and assessing firms’ compliance with regulatory matters.

Caroline understands the importance of demystifying legislation and applying it to your business so that you have a clear picture of the risks which may arise.

The GDPR requires every data controller / data processor relationship to be governed by a contract. This means identifying and correctly categorising the suppliers to your business and, where necessary, renegotiating existing agreements or putting new ones in place.

This type of legal assessment can be a critical tool to ensuring your business transitions smoothly into the new regime and minimises the financial and reputational impact of non-compliance.

Caroline has recently consulted with an international FX / Payments organisation, reviewing and revising their supplier contracts to ensure that the data protection obligations of each party are clearly managed ahead of the GDPR’s introduction.


Organisational Data Privacy Compliance
Kul Verma

Kul brings over 34 years of experience of working on data and information security in the security sector. He has experience of working at national and international levels, providing expertise and promoting understanding of how businesses can prevent disruption and reputational damage. His background in security and law allows him to help executives and leadership teams develop strategies and proactively implement measures to make their organisations compliant with regulations governing data privacy.

Data privacy and security impact everyone in the organisation. Kul is passionate about the secure and ethical use and storage of data, so his skills in change management can assist with developing a new culture at all levels. This will help your organisation live the principles of data privacy from top to bottom and integrate data privacy risk into day-to-day operations.

Kul can provide executives with personal or team coaching to develop data privacy and cyber-security skills. His training background can provide leadership development so that the senior leadership team become ‘cyber-savvy’ and practice ‘cybersecurity hygiene’, where they take ownership of cyberspace and develop performance management systems to track, audit and review GDPR and other data privacy practices. The vision is for organisations to be vigilant, compliant and responsive to the challenge of data privacy.

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